Saturday – Monday, 9-11 September 2017 – Vancouver to Vancouver Island – Days 14-16

Saturday – Monday,  9 – 11 September 2017 –  Vancouver to Vancouver Island (Days 14-16) 

I woke up this morning with a start as thought it was 11.00am – Was actually 7.00am.  I tried to condense my luggage down as seemed to be getting heavier – 23.9kgs.  I booked out of the hotel and while waiting for the shuttle bus chatted to a Gail.  I left the shuttle at the SkyTram stop and then had a short walk in misty rain to catch the 620 bus to the Ferry to Vancouver Island.  While waiting for the bus, met a Marion, who lives on Vancouver Island, and was very helpful as I did not have the change for the bus fare so she kindly paid for me. Was quite a long drive to the ferry. Got my ticket and put my luggage on the carousel and Marion and I caught the 1.00pm Ferry.  We had lunch and then as we were nearing the Ferry terminal we rang Bob to let him know where we were.  Got a shock as I was on the wrong ferry.  We arrived at about 2.40pm.  I said goodbye to Marion and waited for Bob to drive almost 200 miles to come and collect me. I filled in my time talking to Jessica (worked at the terminal) and she took me out to take a photo and then I watched the hundreds of people coming and going on the ferries.

At ferry terminal

Bob arrived at about 4.45pm and we headed off.  The drive was through some beautiful forests of fir trees, huge chestnut trees and lakes – was quite foggy in places.  We stopped at Whipple Tree Junction near the village of Duncan for a coffee.  Passed through the village of Ladysmith where Pamela Anderson grew up.  Through Nanaimo, known as the “Harbour City” – is the second largest city on Vancouver Island and the third oldest city in British Columbia – Parksville and a drive to Qualicum Beach.  This area is known as Oceanside.  Prince Charles and Diana spent part of their honeymoon in this area.  We then called into the Memorial Golf Course restaurant to collect our fish and chips for dinner.  Qualicum is where Cheryl and Bob live.  Was nice to see Cheryl again.  The night was one of chatting until quite late.

The next couple of days was spent at home as Cheryl was still not well – bad bronchitis.  Talking, chatting, sorting out things on our Ipads, eating and drinking and listening to updates on Hurricane Irma.

Bob enjoys cooking so he was chief cook for our breakfasts – pancakes, waffles and muffins. On Monday he spent quite some time preparing a nice beef stew – very tasty. My nightcap each night was a Kahlua.  Was nice to have a couple of lazy restful days.

We are all concentrating  !!!!!

Looks like Bob is worn out from his stew making – thought he may have been getting a cold!!!!



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