Friday 1st February 2013 – Flying from Kathmandu to Dehli

Up early to do final pack up before being taken to the Kathmandu airport.  Said final goodbyes to staff at the Peak hotel.  

Went through Customs again and yes, frisked again. Then was informed that the plane was going to be delayed by 3 hours because of bad weather in Delhi.  So all I could do was do a wander around the airport.

Finally in the air at 6.30pm. When I arrived at Delhi, I did not have any money whatsoever, as Indians do not take Bhutanese currency yet you can use Indian rupees in Bhutan. My mind has been agog with the currency changeovers and where you can use this and that. So, off to the ATM I go and that decided it was not going to give me any money.  Then I thought I had better see where my driver was but noone to meet me. Not sure whose mistake. Back to the ATM machine and this time was able to withdraw. I am getting quite tired by this time. So, then it was off to get a reputable taxi and get to my hotel. The taxi driver was very good and finally got me to my destination, Hotel Today.

IMG_2625h (6)

This quite a long day so was pleased to see my room and shower and get into bed.

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