Sunday, 3 September 2017 – Icy Strait Point, Alaska – USA – Day 8

Sunday, 3 September 2017 – Icy Strait Point, Alaska  – USA  (Day 8)

Woke up to a nicer day than yesterday as far as the weather was concerned.  I was dressed in my swimmers and the ship’s robe (“my ball gown”) and this became a joke among my fellow passengers.  Had breakfast with Kay, Phil, Gail, Russell, Sal and Russell and then I was into the hot tub.  I spent as much time as I could up on the 10th deck so won’t mention every time I go in.  Was a good meeting place  – many hours were spent with Joe, Rhonda, Danielle, Maureen, Steve 1, Lynda and Steve 2 – chatting and drinking – just relaxing.  Looking out for whales that we saw hurling themselves out of the water.  Usually saw Caroline and Rob up there as well lying comfortably on the lounges and reading as they did not go into the pool/spa.  Was good of them to look after my gear while I went into the tub.  Our first stop off from the ship was at Icy Strait Point, located near the village of Hoonah.  We docked at about 3.00pm. The off shore excursion I chose was “Wildlife in Spasski River Valley/Bear Search”.  This was a guided nature walk with Robert that trekked through rugged bush country of the Spasski River Valley.

We boarded a bus and drove along the street to where we commenced our trek. The vegetation was very spectacular and saw some interesting plant life  that Robert pointed out to us and explained what some of them were used for.  We came to the viewing spot where two other park rangers joined us.  We spent quite some time seeing whether we could see any bears. Those that had binoculars shared them with us and Yes, there were a couple of brown bears – too far away to take a decent photo.  Some bald eagles were flying overhead. After about 2½ hours of pleasant easy walking we were back on the bus to go to the village of Hoonah. It has the largest native Tlingit Indian settlement in Alaska with a population of approximately 760 residents. Saw some of the cruise group at another excursion so we had a very quick wave as the bus drove past.

A quick wave to Gayle and Russell from bus

Spasski River, Icy Strait Point

I went into the historic Hoonah Cannery building that had the history of the salmon industry that I found extremely interesting . To help one remember some of the main species of the salmon is to use one’s hand:  Pinkie ringer = Pink; Ring finger = Silver; Middle finger = King; Pointer finger = Sockeye; Thumb = Chum!!

Then it was a short wander back to the ship for dinner. There was only Kay and Phil at our table tonight. Listened to a very pleasant duo – the Forster Duo – and then it was into my cabin after talking to a Perth couple, Chris and Fred for quite some time – they were independent travellers.  We were scheduled to sail at 10.00pm.

Bed after an interesting day.





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