Thursday 31 January – Chitwan and return to Kathmandu

Now Thursday and couldn’t see very in far of you as thick mist/fog.  After breakfast, was down to the same spot as we took the canoe ride yesterday.  Was quite mystical as the mist started to lift but slowly.

This was another thing I wanted to do again –  go for an elephant ride. Just such wonderful animals and my mind wandered back to my time in Laos when I had a day and night as an elephant mahout.  This time though did not wash them. – Just another peaceful ride in the jungle and hoping to see the rhinos, tigers, monkeys and deer.

After the great elephant ride and the excitement of sighting the rhinos and watching the antics of the many little monkies we went up the street for me to look at a few locally made products. At least here the vendors are more civilised and don’t hassle you incessantly.


Now it was time to say goodbye to the staff at Rainforest lodge and be driven to the airport once more. I have lost count of how many times I have been frisked.

There were only 10 of us on the 30 seater plane and could just sit anywhere. Arrived on time and was picked up by George. Had a rest for a short time before I set off for another form of transport. Tuk Tuk.

A great way to save the legs and to view things up close - wonderful driverrs

A great way to save the legs and to view things up close – wonderful drivers

I love these things as you can ask to stop if something interests you. I am still in awe of these drivers. They just seem to know where to go and if they want to change lanes if you can call them that, they honk on the horn and the driver, in front, beside you or wherever seem to know to move over. Thankfully I have not seen one accident and Delhi has a population of so many billion. Have to check.

After seeing so many different faces and places went for another massage and the dinner at an upmarket restaurant and I ordered a pepper steak and it was yummy BUT the food has been superb along the way.

I decided to take the short walk along the alleys as quite deserted here. Then it was off to bed.


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