Thursday, 7 September 2017 – Inside Passage Cruising, Alaska- Day 12

Thursday 7 September 2017 – Inside Passage Cruising, Alaska (Day 12)

Got up later today and it was quite cold and misty – not much to see as we sailed so spent most of the day was spent chatting, snacking and coffees.  The food was amazing – some very creative and the chefs obviously enjoyed showing off their talents.  There were so many different eating places one could go to – would be hard to please if one couldn’t find something to their liking.

Was thinking I had to think of a plan B as heard that hurricanes were moving into Florida and I was planning to fly down there on Saturday.  While talking to a regular “chatting person”, Bob, he said if I needed I could stay with he and wife Cheryl on Vancouver Island.

Cheryl and Bob

Didn’t get to see a lot of Cheryl as she was quite ill and spent a lot of time in their cabin.  What a shame. Did the majority of my packing and in the afternoon had my last dip in the hot tub before it was time to change to go down for the group’s “happy hour”. I got such a surprise as when I arrived, several of the group had their cabin robes (ball gowns) on and they insisted I go back and don mine. Of course, I made my grand entrance!   We had a lot of fun and I thought this was a lovely thing to do with me as I was in my robe a lot of the time while on the cruise.  There was lots of joking, drinking, hugging and laughing before it was time we all changed for our last dinner on the ship.



                                                            Gayle loved her scarves


Some fun on the steps – 2 Russells, 2 Di’s, Gayle Sal and Gail – No, I didn’t fall down!

Listened to Ged Parker, a guitarist for a little while before I went into the Metropolitan Restaurant for dinner and sat with Gayle, Dianne, Andy and his brother Vincent.  After dinner heard the Forster Duo perform before it was back into my cabin and finished packing then bed reasonably early.

Ged Parker – guitarist

Andy and me at dinner

Last dinner on ship with Di, Andy, Vincent and Gayle





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