Tuesday, 26 July 2016 – Day 41 – Cascais

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 – Day 41 – Cascais 

Today was another beautiful hot sunny day.  Terri and Mark came and picked me up and we went to Praia da Poca, a lovely safe beach.  We hired a spot and was very relaxing lying under the umbrella and having several dips in the water.


Relaxing on the beach (Praia da Poca)

After a long and enjoyable stop at the beach, we decided we had better go and have lunch.

Leaving the beach

Leaving the beach

We drove to the Paladar Da Guia restaurant and had a lovely meal sitting outside and taking in the view of the Atlantic Ocean.


After more relaxing at the restaurant, we took ChaCha, Buck and Onslow – the kids of Terri and Mark – home, did some sorting out of tickets and timetables and then went to the Faiartil-Feira de Artesanato. 

This was the 53rd edition of FIARTIL, the oldest Craft Fair in Portugal, is back in Estoril from 23 June to 4 September. The Fair is very family orientated. Many stalls with handicrafts and there was a new area dedicated exclusively to Fashion and Accessories made in Portugal. The highlight of the evening was when several performers were dressed in their national costumes and danced. A huge crowd gathered around to watch  – even little ones were performing with their parents.

It was that time again – eating and drinking!  We had our meal in one of the refurbished dining spaces. After seeing and hearing all that we wanted to, we then went home.

Once more was a full day and very enjoyable.

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