Tuesday – 29 January 2013 – from PARO in Bhutan to Kathmandu in Nepal

Another early start –  All misty when going into breakfast and a bit chilly but another nice day forecasted.  After breakfast left the Metta Spa hotel. Wongdi and Purna drove me to the airport for the 11.00 flight.  Only 55 minutes.  Couldn’t see the mountains for fog.

Arrived at Kathmandu again.  Another customs search and then tackled getting the Nepalese sim card.  A very helpful chap put my SIM card in and gave me a few rupees worth as I only had Bhutanese money and that is not accepted in Kathmandu and then taxi back to the Peak Point hotel.  A bit on the down side the staff very friendly.  Nish went a bit overboard putting so many pictures up on my Facebook.  The  hotel doesn’t have a dinner restaurant so they kindly looked after “Mam” and cooked me a meal.  After chatted to a nice German girl along with her Turkish husband and Singaporean  Jennifer. The staff joined in and there was rum and chips on offering.  Decided to try and tackle Wfi as I get behind as power failures etc.

Doing some things under difficult conditions so to those that are reading this, hope you are enjoying.  Don’t get time to edit and sometimes the words get changed on me by some strange setting I must have on but got it working to a point so I am not changing it.

So off to bed once more.

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