Wednesday, 6 September 2017 – Ketchikan, Alaska – Day 11

Wednesday, 6 September 2017 – Ketchikan, Alaska (Day 11)

Was a beautiful sunrise as we cruised to Ketchikan – squeezed between mountains and sea, it is hard to imagine how the town got the Tlingit Indian name – Ketchikan – “Thundering Wings of an Eagle”.  If one climbs the 3,000 foot Deer Mountain that overlooks the town – from that vantage point Ketchikan sprawls out in the perfect shape of an eagle in flight!   Like most communities in southeastern Alaska, Ketchikan is surrounded by a vast wilderness and impassable mountains.  Without road or rail connections to the rest of North America, everything must come by air or sea.  Ketchikan is a small, picturesque, rustic and busy town on the shores of the Tongass Narrows.  It also has the distinction of having the world’s largest collection of totem poles.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to see the collection.

We docked in Ketchikan on the western side of Revillagigedo Island at about 1.30pm.  I went down to see Ashley (who gave an interesting presentation on jewellery yesterday) as the jewellery set I had purchased in Juneau had a fault.  Hoped she would be able to sort something out for me.  I then went up the town for a short time until it was time to come back to the pier by 2.15pm to board a bus and go to George Inlet Lodge for our crab feast.  Eat all you can!


We came into the George Inlet Lodge and our hostess demonstrated how to shell a crab.  I was spoilt as no way would I have been able to manage because of my fractured wrist so I was brought two bowls of all ready shelled crab. It was delicious.  We had a nice entree, the crab and then concluded with cheesecake and coffee.  It was then time to board our floatplane.

Group enjoying our “eat all you can” Crab feast

Boarding the Taquan Air 10 seater plane  – oops sorry forgot the pilots name !


One of the many lakes/fjords

What a wonderful flight seeing so many lakes/fjiords, waterfalls and snow still on some of the rugged mountains.  Headed back to Ketchikan and was quite exciting landing on the water.  A bus took us back to the main street of Ketchikan and I did some last minute shopping before it was time to wander back onto the ship by 7.30pm. On my way back, passed Dave Rubin’s bronze monument “The Rock” that was unveiled at Berth 1 on Sunday, July 4th, 2010. It features 7 life-size figures from Ketchikan’s past: Chief Johnson, a logger, a fisherman, a miner, bush pilot, a Native woman drumming, and an elegant lady in her 1890s finery.

The Rock monument in Ketchikan

Had good news from Ashley as she was able to get me a replacement jewellery set. Didn’t feel like much for dinner tonight after the crab feast so just had some nibbles.  We sailed out of Ketchikan at 8.30pm.  This was another very enjoyable day.

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