Friday 1st February 2013 – Flying from Kathmandu to Dehli

Up early to do final pack up before being taken to the Kathmandu airport.  Said final goodbyes to staff at the Peak hotel.  

Went through Customs again and yes, frisked again. Then was informed that the plane was going to be delayed by 3 hours because of bad weather in Delhi.  So all I could do was do a wander around the airport.

Finally in the air at 6.30pm. When I arrived at Delhi, I did not have any money whatsoever, as Indians do not take Bhutanese currency yet you can use Indian rupees in Bhutan. My mind has been agog with the currency changeovers and where you can use this and that. So, off to the ATM I go and that decided it was not going to give me any money.  Then I thought I had better see where my driver was but noone to meet me. Not sure whose mistake. Back to the ATM machine and this time was able to withdraw. I am getting quite tired by this time. So, then it was off to get a reputable taxi and get to my hotel. The taxi driver was very good and finally got me to my destination, Hotel Today.

IMG_2625h (6)

This quite a long day so was pleased to see my room and shower and get into bed.

Thursday 31 January – Chitwan and return to Kathmandu

Now Thursday and couldn’t see very in far of you as thick mist/fog.  After breakfast, was down to the same spot as we took the canoe ride yesterday.  Was quite mystical as the mist started to lift but slowly.

This was another thing I wanted to do again –  go for an elephant ride. Just such wonderful animals and my mind wandered back to my time in Laos when I had a day and night as an elephant mahout.  This time though did not wash them. – Just another peaceful ride in the jungle and hoping to see the rhinos, tigers, monkeys and deer.

After the great elephant ride and the excitement of sighting the rhinos and watching the antics of the many little monkies we went up the street for me to look at a few locally made products. At least here the vendors are more civilised and don’t hassle you incessantly.


Now it was time to say goodbye to the staff at Rainforest lodge and be driven to the airport once more. I have lost count of how many times I have been frisked.

There were only 10 of us on the 30 seater plane and could just sit anywhere. Arrived on time and was picked up by George. Had a rest for a short time before I set off for another form of transport. Tuk Tuk.

A great way to save the legs and to view things up close - wonderful driverrs

A great way to save the legs and to view things up close – wonderful drivers

I love these things as you can ask to stop if something interests you. I am still in awe of these drivers. They just seem to know where to go and if they want to change lanes if you can call them that, they honk on the horn and the driver, in front, beside you or wherever seem to know to move over. Thankfully I have not seen one accident and Delhi has a population of so many billion. Have to check.

After seeing so many different faces and places went for another massage and the dinner at an upmarket restaurant and I ordered a pepper steak and it was yummy BUT the food has been superb along the way.

I decided to take the short walk along the alleys as quite deserted here. Then it was off to bed.


Wednesday – 30 January, 2013 – On top of the world! And Kathmandu

Looking forward to this day as been on the wish list for fifty years!
Up at 5.00 and on way to airport at 5.45 for the Mt Everest flight.
The plane was a 30 seater with male and female pilots and one flight attendant. Everyone who wanted could go up into the cockpit which was the most amazing experience for me. Just a breathtaking, out of this world view of the most spectacular Himalayas and the jewel of them all MT. EVEREST


WOW.   A millions time over



Words. Fail. Me.       Not enough adjectives


After the hour’s Everest flight my driver took me to a Hindu temple. Saw lepers sitting about. Of course, there were the many street sellers milling around you saying “I give u good price” etc. Some would be waiting for you on your return ages later. I feel as though all I am doing is handing over rupees by the thousands – my head spins trying to think of converting into Australian dollars.

Two holy men but the knew how to ask for money money

Two holy men but the knew how to ask for money money

At the Hindu Temple.

Cremation - quite sad to see the widow distraught.

Cremation – quite sad to see the widow distraught.

Another trip to the airport as I decided to go to CHITWAN National Park.

Caught the plane tobChitwan – only a 15 minute flight. Met at the airport by Budha and Bishal who left us and his brother, Raj took over. We stopped along t way for an ice cream and drink.  The dusty roads if one can call them that, make you dry. We arrived at the Rainforest Resort which is just lovely – set in nicely manicured gardens and palms. I had a little ground floor cabin. Heaven as no stairs.


after lunch we headed off to the jungle for a canoe.  This was so peaceful and relaxing. Just sitting there and seeing what wildlife could be seen. Lots of bird life and about twenty crocodiles just basking in the sun. There was a lone peacock, lots of monkies and deer. After the canoe trump ended we had a stroll over some e open area to visit the Elephant Breeding Centre.  There were about twenty of various ages including about four or five babies.  It was really exciting as there were twima four year old males and just like any brothers had their own little skirmish.  Mum elephant is pregnant again Think they said she is 22/12.



Tuesday – 29 January 2013 – from PARO in Bhutan to Kathmandu in Nepal

Another early start –  All misty when going into breakfast and a bit chilly but another nice day forecasted.  After breakfast left the Metta Spa hotel. Wongdi and Purna drove me to the airport for the 11.00 flight.  Only 55 minutes.  Couldn’t see the mountains for fog.

Arrived at Kathmandu again.  Another customs search and then tackled getting the Nepalese sim card.  A very helpful chap put my SIM card in and gave me a few rupees worth as I only had Bhutanese money and that is not accepted in Kathmandu and then taxi back to the Peak Point hotel.  A bit on the down side the staff very friendly.  Nish went a bit overboard putting so many pictures up on my Facebook.  The  hotel doesn’t have a dinner restaurant so they kindly looked after “Mam” and cooked me a meal.  After chatted to a nice German girl along with her Turkish husband and Singaporean  Jennifer. The staff joined in and there was rum and chips on offering.  Decided to try and tackle Wfi as I get behind as power failures etc.

Doing some things under difficult conditions so to those that are reading this, hope you are enjoying.  Don’t get time to edit and sometimes the words get changed on me by some strange setting I must have on but got it working to a point so I am not changing it.

So off to bed once more.