Sunday, 23 August 2015 – Visit to Baroniet Rosendal Cruise, West Coast of Norway (Day 75)

Sunday, 23 August 2015 – Bergen – Rosendal Cruise – West Coast of Norway (Day 75)

Up at 7.00 and had a lovely breakfast of cheeses, meat, homemade bread and jams.  At 11.00 we drover over to meet Hans, HansEinar’s and Aud’s youngest son and his wife Jenny.  The “holiday” home overlooked the Korsfjorden and islands. HansEinar and Hans walked me down to the jetty and waters edge. What a beautiful and relaxing place to have a holiday home. Jenny and Hans spend quite a bit of time down there or take their boat out on the fiord. Was an easy walk holding onto Hans!

I am still quite fascinated by so many houses having grass growing on their roofs. Wondered how the people kept them under control but they either get up on the roof and  whipper snip or put goats up there. Evidently, the goats know not to jump down. Didn’t see any goats up on the roofs while I was here.

At 11.30 we drove to  Oseyro to get a ferry over to Baroniet Rosendal.  Was an hour’s ride. Absolute magnificent scenery of mountains, fjords and glaciers. We started off in the Fusafjorden and crossed into Iornafjorden and then travelled in the very large fjorden – Hardangerfjorden. It is 179 Km long and is the 3rd longest fjord in the world. In Norway, it is the 2nd longest. At one point we saw a big fishing area with a lot of nets set out. The Hardangerfjorden has good conditions for fish farming, which makes the fjord one of the largest fish farming regions in the world.

We arrived at the village of Rosendal at about 12.30 and HansEinar arranged for a taxi to drive us to the Baroniet Rosendal – Scandinavia’s smallest castle. We had a lovely lunch in the cafe and I had a short wander around the beautiful renaissance garden while the other three had a rest before we went on an hour’s guided tour of the Manor house. The flowers were just gorgeous in the area where we had lunch – fuschias and geraniums mainly.



In 1658 there was a wedding between Norway’s wealthiest heir, Karen Mowat and a poor but proud Danish nobleman. Karen Mowat and Ludvig Rosenkrantz were given the farm Hatteberg as a wedding present. They built their home here, and called it Rosendal. It was finished in 1665.  King Christian V of Denmark-Norway gave the estate status as a barony in 1678. There were more than five hundred farms in its domain.  Rosendal was an entailed estate owned by the Rosenkrone family from 1745 to 1927, when it was donated to the University of Oslo.  A guided tour at Baroniet Rosendal is a tour through different epochs. The rooms are influenced by owners over 250 years, and the manor is preserved as a home – the way it was when the last owners left in 1927.  We saw different rooms –  painted in different colours, eg. red, blue, green and yellow.

The Library is the only room in Norway kept in its entirety from the 1600s. It is clothed in rich French tapestry from the 1660s. This tapestry is the only one of its kind still on the original walls.

     In the Dining Room you can admire some of the oldest Meissen and Royal Danish china kept in Norway.

.   In the Red Room you will meet the grand and beautiful Norwegian nature, painted by the greatest Norwegian landscape painters from the national romantic period. Here are paintings by J.C. Dahl, H.F. Gude, M. Møller, A. Askevold and others. There is also a female portrait painted in the 1880s by Edvard Munch.

  The Yellow Room has a Norwegian empire-style interior, including some of the most precious empire furniture in the country. The furniture was made by Abraham Bøe from Bergen around 1820.

..The Pompeiian Room. Friezes by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844). In one of the green rooms there were lovely artworks imitating Italy.  There were three grand pianos, other interesting furniture and lovely paintings. Was a long guided tour as the guide spoke in Norwegian and then English.


After the tour, had a short walk through the absolutely beautiful rose gardens and the herb garden.  Just a beautiful huge estate.

It was now time to catch a taxi to the wharf for the 4.30 ferry for our return trip along the beautiful fjordens again.


Was a super trip to beautiful  Rosendal and cruising along the fjords. I put my feet in the Fusafjorden while waiting for HansEinar to get our vehicle!!!!


We got back to Oseyro at 5.15.  We dropped Aud off after going up a very steep hill to see new homes being built on very rocky ground.  The views from this spot were once again magnificent.


HansEinar then drove Elly and I over to a nearby island that is now joined by a bridge. There was a little fishing village with different boats coming into moor.  We then called into the hospital grounds – looked over to HansEinar’s sister’s place and Han’s and Jenny’s place where we were this morning.

We had a light dinner outside as we had such a big lunch at Rosendal.  It was another night of catching up on chatting before it was time to go to bed after another full and spectacular day.  Thankyou HansEinar and Aud for giving us such a beautiful day.



Saturday, 22 August 2015 – Visit to Bergen, West Coast of Norway (Day 74)

Saturday, 22 August 2015 – Visit to Bergen, West Coast of Norway – (Day 74)

Woke up at 6.15 to a lovely sunny day.  Had my last chat to Ivar and Richard. Thankyou so much for your hospitality. It was a wonderful way to end my holiday. Was nice and relaxing in a lovely part of Norway. I will miss looking out to the lake. At 7.50 Elly and I drove to Kjernmoen bus stop.

The bus arrived right on time at 8.55. We travelled via Elverum passing through tunnels, pine forests, pretty wild flowers along the way and drove along the banks of lakes. We arrived at Gardemoen airport, Oslo at 10.40.

We stayed in the terminal and had lunch until it was time to go through security to board our Norwegian Flight DY612  to Bergen on the west coast of Norway.The flight took off a little bit late after 1.40 as the plane was late coming in.  The views from the air were spectacular – lots of green and brown fields, pine forests and so many lakes. There was a big city below with a river snaking around. Just hundreds of green islands and massive waterways. There were houses dotted all along the edges of the water and up the sides of the hills.

We had a very smooth flight and landed at Bergen about 2.45.

Bergen is a city and municipality on the Bergen Peninsula in Hordaland county on the west coast of Norway.  As of 2014 the municipal population was 278,600 making it, after Oslo, the second most populous city in Norway. The city of Bergen was founded around 1070 within the original boundaries of Tyskebryggen. 

Bergen is an international centre for aquaculture, shipping, offshore petroleum industry and sub sea technology, and a national centre for higher education, tourism and finance. Natives speak a distinctive dialect of Norwegian known as Bergensk. The city has an airport, a light rail system, the Western terminal of the Bergen Line and Bergen Port,  – the busiest in Norway.  Bergen is known as the city of the Seven Mountains. Bergen is in a unique situation halfway between the two biggest fjords in Western Norway – the Sognefjord and the Hardangerfjord and it also has a fantastic coastline with thousands of large and small islands. The fjords in this region have been inscribed on UNESCO’s famous World Heritage List.  

We boarded the transit bus at 3.30 and took off at 3.40.  It was about a 25 minute ride and passed through little streets of Bryggen. At Bryggen about 4.15.  What an interesting, bustling area of Bergen.

Bryggen  – Norwegian for the Wharf , is a series of Hanseatic  commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen, Norway. Bryggen has since 1979 been on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites. Today, Bryggen houses museums, shops, galleries, restaurants and pubs.

Around 1360 an office of the Hanseatic League was established there. As the town developed into an important trading centre, the wharfs were improved. The buildings of Bryggen were gradually taken over by the Hanseatic merchants. The warehouses were filled with goods, particularly stock fish from northern Norway, and cereal from Europe.   

In 1702, the buildings belonging to the Hanseatic League were damaged by fire. They were rebuilt, and some of these were later demolished, and some were destroyed by fire. In 1754, the operations of the office at Bryggen, ended “when all the properties were transferred to Norwegian citizens”.

Throughout history, Bergen has experienced many fires, since, traditionally, most houses were made from wood. This was also the case for Bryggen, and as of today, around a quarter dates back to the time after 1702, when the older wharf side warehouses and administrative buildings burned down. The rest predominantly consists of younger structures, although there are some stone cellars that date back to the 15th century.

Parts of Bryggen were destroyed in a fire in 1955. A thirteen-year archaeological excavation followed, revealed the day-to-day runic inscriptions known as the Bryggen inscriptions. The Bryggen museum was built in 1976 on part of the site cleared by the fire.

 Elly and I sat for a short while taking in the sights.  It was a bustling town and lots of boats on the Vagen river.  As Elly wasn’t feeling too well, I took off to the Information Centre on the other side of the port – to find out about the cable car.
 The Centre was absolutely packed and there was a ticket system.  My number was 449 and they were only up to 424. I gathered up some information and read about the “blue bus” opposite the Centre. The information I was reading was a bit ambiguous.  I came out of the Information Centre and saw the bus. It was leaving in 2 minutes time at 5.00pm and the last bus down was at 6.00.  I had to make an “executive” decision. I didn’t have time to go and get Elly and get back so I boarded the bus and went to the Cable car station.
 It was a smooth  6 minute ride up to the top  – Mount Ulriken, – the highest viewpoint in Bergen – 643 metres.  Beautiful views looking down into Bryggen and surrounding areas. The vegetation was quite green in areas but quite rocky. Lots of hikers wandering around as well as some sheep. I did not have much time up on the Mountain – very windy and I did not want to miss the last bus back to Bryggen and Elly.
 I had to watch one cable car descend, but couldn’t get on as stabilizers had to be put on due to the wind factor.  The cable car operator kindly rang down to the bus operators to request them to wait. I got on the bus and arrived back at 6.15.  I wandered through the Torget Fish Markets and walked back to where Elly was.
We had a look in a couple of souvenir shops in the “old” houses and then had our dinner at the Harbour Cafe.  We both enjoyed a lovely seafood salad.
At about 9.00pm relatives of Ivar’s picked us up and drove about 30 minutes to their lovely log cabin style home.  We chatted and had nibbles until finally to bed at 11.30.
What a super day.  Bergen is such a beautiful picturesque city and Bryggen so full of history.





Monday to Friday – 17 to 21 August, 2015 – Norway (Days 69-73)

Monday, 17 August 2015 – Sore Osen – Norway (Day 69)

Today woke up to a very misty morning but soon cleared up and another beautiful day.  We got woken up at 8.00 as a builder came to renovate the side of Ivar’s house that has been badly affected by the weather.  Not much got done by me today as just stayed here and played cards and generally pottered.  It was Richard’s day off so he cooked a lovely roast dinner and the neighbour was invited.  Giz and her friend also called in.  Bed early as hay fever affecting me. The grass was mowed recently and think that is the culprit.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 – Sore Osen – Norway (Day 70)

Today another very misty morning but once more a beautiful sunny warm day when it lifted.  I was feeling really worn out from blowing my nose and continuously sneezing so once again we didn’t go anywhere.  More cards were played.

Elly received some disappointing news today as her friend from Germany was due to fly into Oslo and hire a car and come and visit Elly. When she was just about to board the plane from Berlin she had a very bad fall and is now in hospital.  We have had an update that she is in intensive care unit so hope she recovers and that we hear good news.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015  – Sore Osen – Norway (Day 71)

Have been really spoiled with the weather as just gorgeous. Later this morning, Elly and I went down to Osenjoen for more food shopping. Took a little detour and discovered a lovely sandy beach.  All the time the family has lived over here, Elly didn’t know it was here. I had a little paddle so maybe go there tomorrow and have a dip IF the water is not too icy.  More cards and then went to bed but both of us where still wide awake so up we got and played more cards. We are nuts.



Thursday, 20 August 2015 – Sore Osen area – Norway  (Day 72).      

The builder had another commitment so didn’t come at 8.00 and start his hammering. Today sun shining again so at 12.00 Richard drove Elly and I down to the shop at Osenjoen.  Nearby, there is a lovely old church and another one that has been restored there and a small very well kept cemetery.


After a couple of photos we went down a short distance to the beach Elly and I were at yesterday.  We had a picnic lunch and then I went in for a swim. The water was just beautiful and not as cold as I thought it may have been.



It was then onto Trysil and we drove up to the ski area. Trysil is Norway’s largest ski resort with 66 slopes, 31 ski lifts and more than 500 Kms of cross country trails.  Was very quiet as not the ski season.  There are hundreds of ski chalets up here and I am forever fascinated with the homes growing grass/flowers on the roofs. It was a terrific scenic view from up on the mountain looking down into the town of Trysil. There were two hikers heading towards the summit. Afraid we were not that energetic.  Just content to admire the scenery. Would be a great scene in the winter with all the snow covering this area. Richard has had to deliver food from his restaurant up in this area at the height of the skiing season and has cursed as there is no lighting or easily read numbering of the chalets. Somehow, after some difficulty he has managed to find the clients.





After we had driven around the mountain area, we came down into the town and called into his restaurant – Boers Brassiere and Bar.


He has quite an extensive menu – Pizzas, ala carte and 11 items in the tapas menu.  We opted for 10 dishes from the mix and match tapas menu. Feta go Oliven, (feta and olives) Manchego ost (Spanish cheese), serranoskinkebog cantaloupe melon, (prosciutto and rockmelon) marinerte kyrdrede buffalo wings, (marinated spicy buffalo wings) spanske kjottboller med Oliven of hvitlok I spicy tomatsaus, (Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce) Tigerreker I hvitlok go chilli, (tiger prawns in garlic and chilli) pesto marinert indrefilet av store, (pesto marinated tenderloin beef) ristet chorizo med dadler, (we didn’t gave this one) bruschetta salat, (lovely bruschetta and salad) elgpolse Fra gudbrandsdalen med sylteagurk (Elk sausage)  and franske snegler med per sill ego hvitlokssmor (Snails in garlic and olive oil).  Bread and aioli included.  It was a fantastic selection of tapas.  SO I have seen an elk.  On a plate. !!! After a break, Elly had an ice cream sundae topped with strawberry coulis and tea and I had a yummy creme broulle and coffee.


Feeling very content we started the trip back to Sore Osen and arrived home about 7.30. Another terrific fun packed day. And lots of eating !!!!!  But was very yummy. Thanks Richard – you have a great restaurant and great staff.

Friday, 21 Augut 2015 – Sore Osen – Norway (Day 73)

This morning the builder was here hammering away at 8.00.  Another sunny day but the wind a little cooler. Just as well I had my swim yesterday.

Was an easy day at home. I finished the piles of wood that I had set out to do so was quite happy with my little contribution.

Had a couple of games of cards and then packed for our weekend away in Bergen and my last night here in Sore Osen with Ivar and Richard. Will certainly miss the view across the lake and peaceful atmosphere.


Sunday, 16 August 2015 – NORDBRENNA, Norway (Day 68)

Sunday, 16 August, 2015 – NORDBRENNA , Norway (Day 68)

A beautiful sunny day.  At 11.30 Elly and I went for a drive over the other side of Lake Osenjoen to an open farm called NORDBRENNA.  As there was not enough parking, there were two horses and a cart to take people down the hill.  The residence is a relatively new rebuild of a log cabin.  Just lovely.  What fascinates me is seeing so many roofs with grass and/or flowers growing on them.  I wondered how they were kept under control and the answer is they use goats. Evidently, they know not to jump down.


Because it was such a beautiful summers day, lots of folk turned up. Elly got to see some of Ivar’s relatives. There were a few stalls of locally grown produce, such as several varieties of cheeses, jams, bread and buns and we saw a lady making lesse which is made from potatoes. Is similar to our wraps in Australia.  There was a lady standing beside a huge pot, stirring the contents continuously. It will be brown cheese after many hours of  stirring and curing. I had a few stirs, but wouldn’t be there to continuously stir. There were goats, chickens, cows and bulls on the property.  The view was just lovely once more and the gardens very colourful.



We had some lunch before it was time to find the horses again for our lift back to the car. Arrived home about 4.30 after a very enjoyable few hours.


Visitors arrived not long after we were home and then Elly and I had a couple of games of cards before going to bed.


Saturday, 15 August 2015 – Trip to Sweden – (Day 67)

Saturday, 15 August 2015  – Trip to Sweden (Day 67)

Marvellous what a good night’s sleep does.  Was a beautiful sunny day and Elly and I decided we would go to the border of Norway and Sweden for grocery shopping at Langflon.  We left at 11.30 and turned off at Lutnes.  Stopped for a photo in the forest and arrived at the tiny village of Langflon, Sweden at 12.30.  There is this huge shopping complex sitting up on the side of the hill.  Many Norwegians come over here for more economical shopping.  Just seemed so strange seeing this huge building all by itself.  Elly wandered around for ages as all the different cuts of meat were foreign even to her.  We finally got to the checkout at 2.15 – Elly exhausted.  We had a nice meal at the cafe before it was time to head home.

The journey home was really pleasant following the Trysil lake and seeing the unusual “stick” pines.

We came through Trysil as trying to find strawberries for Ivar.  After three unsuccessful tries, we almost gave up.  Tried one more shop and they had them.  I had a short wander around taking photos of different statues, etcFinally left Trysil about 4.15.   We arrived home at about 5.15.

So I can add another country to my list of countries visited even though only a short visit.  SWEDEN.  Was another pleasant drive seeing the different countryside.

Later in the evening we ended the night with some card playing before going to bed.

Thursday and Friday, 13 and 14 August 2015 – Trysil – Hamar, Norway (Days 65 and 66)

Thursday, 13 August 2015 – Trysil – Hamar, Norway – (Day 65)

Was a lovely sunny day.  I got up and felt as though I had finally caught up on my sleep. When Elly came down, she said she was in a lot of different pain to her usual aches etc and felt as though she needed to see a doctor.  Richard drove Elly and I to Trysil Clinic for her 12.45 appointment. After being in with the doctor, it was suggested she go to Hamar, 98 Kms away for an X-ray/ ultrasound.  So at 1.35 off we went to Hamar via Elverum. We got to Hamar at 3.05 and waited for about half an hour.

We were in for a bit of a shock as it was suggested Elly be admitted into the hospital for the night.  Evidently, when Elly was seen to, the nursing staff were decked out in yellow gowns with masks on.  Richard and I were finally allowed to go and see Elly but before we could do so, we too had to don masks. They did not want any “Australian” germs.  Guess they were being cautious of cross contamination.


Elly was put in a private room and she looked quite content – the painkillers were taking effect.

Richard and I finally left at 6.35 for the longish journey back home.  At this stage, we still didn’t know the outcome of Elly’s condition as reports had not been seen to.  We stopped for a meal at a 24/7 restaurant, Myklegard and finally arrived home at 8.30.  Almost 8 hours of a “mystery tour”. Didn’t stay up too late as was quite tired.

Friday, 14 August, 2015 – Sore Osen – Norway (Day 66)

Was a nice sunny day when I finally got up.  It was just Ivar and I here today until Elly was driven home from Hamar hospital by a friend of Richard’s, Giz.  It seems that Elly may have had a kidney stone and possibly passed it. Really not sure but the really bad pain has subsided.

Richard didn’t come home tonight as had commitments at his restaurant.  Probably wanted a rest from two women “needing” his attention for different technology problems.

We all had a reasonably early night – pick up mentally and physically.



Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 and 12 August 2015 – Norway (Days 63 and 64)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 – Sore Osen area – Norway – (Day 63)

Today was a rainy/misty day. Had a good sleepin and just a lazy day sorting out cards etc.  Have to get used to the Norwegian meal times – main meal is at 300.  At 6.00 Elly and I drove a few kilometres to the nearest little supermarket at Osenjoen (Oosenshurn).  Had a buy up of some groceries, etc. and then another short drive before home a about 8.30.  Another thing quite different to home are the long daylight hours. It doesn’t get dark until about 10.00 and then you wonder why you are feeling weary.

There is a huge pile of wood that needs to be stacked up so seeing that it is quite light have been doing a little bit – have to earn my keep!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 – Sore Osen area – Norway (Day 64)

Today was another lazy, restful day. Just pottering and trying to bring my blog up to date.  As I have said, way behind as too much to see, do, chat, eat and drink.

At about 6.30 Elly and I drove about 20 minutes to Kjernmoen   – would you believe to play bingo!

Quite funny as you can either go into the local hall or sit out in your car. If you are lucky enough to get a win, you toot the car horn. Reminded me of the old drive in movie days.  We were both lucky enough to have a little win  (Elly 100 krona ($25) and me 200 krona ($50)) but we were in the hall so didn’t hoot.  Was something different.

Was a lovely sunset when we came out to go home. Had another late night chatting.


Monday, 10 August 2015 – London to Norway – (Day 62)

Monday, 10 August 2015 – London to Norway – (Day 62)

Had an early wakeup call at 5.30 and had to have my luggage out by 6.00, and meet the transfer at 6.15. The hotel provided me with a takeaway breakfast. At 6.30, left for Heathrow Airport.  It was hard keeping awake as didn’t have a very good night’s sleep as was paranoid I was going to oversleep and miss my flight.

My flight AY5912 from Heathrow was at 10.15 and arrived in Gardermoen airport, Oslo at 13.25. Norway is an hour ahead of UK. I then had to wait until 4.45 to get a bus to Kjernmoen – arriving there at 6.30.  Was a very scenic drive – pine forests, silver birches and lakes and through a couple of tunnels. The upgrade of the roads with the tunnels has decreased  travel time on this route. It was too difficult to take photos from the bus

COACH TOUR 2015 (282)

Was terrific seeing Elly at the bus stop.  We had about a 20 minute drive to the home in Sore Osen in the pine forest overlooking Lake Osenjoen.

COACH TOUR 2015 (284)

What a pleasant outlook . Was lovely seeing Ivar (90 years old) again as it is nearly 15 years since I have seen him when he came to Canberra in November 2000 for Elly’s and his daughter, Jennifer’s wedding. Richard, their son arrived home from Trysil where he runs a restaurant.

So, this was my first day in Norway.  Stayed up quite late chatting.