Saturday, 15 August 2015 – Trip to Sweden – (Day 67)

Saturday, 15 August 2015  – Trip to Sweden (Day 67)

Marvellous what a good night’s sleep does.  Was a beautiful sunny day and Elly and I decided we would go to the border of Norway and Sweden for grocery shopping at Langflon.  We left at 11.30 and turned off at Lutnes.  Stopped for a photo in the forest and arrived at the tiny village of Langflon, Sweden at 12.30.  There is this huge shopping complex sitting up on the side of the hill.  Many Norwegians come over here for more economical shopping.  Just seemed so strange seeing this huge building all by itself.  Elly wandered around for ages as all the different cuts of meat were foreign even to her.  We finally got to the checkout at 2.15 – Elly exhausted.  We had a nice meal at the cafe before it was time to head home.

The journey home was really pleasant following the Trysil lake and seeing the unusual “stick” pines.

We came through Trysil as trying to find strawberries for Ivar.  After three unsuccessful tries, we almost gave up.  Tried one more shop and they had them.  I had a short wander around taking photos of different statues, etcFinally left Trysil about 4.15.   We arrived home at about 5.15.

So I can add another country to my list of countries visited even though only a short visit.  SWEDEN.  Was another pleasant drive seeing the different countryside.

Later in the evening we ended the night with some card playing before going to bed.