Monday, 9th June 2014 – Day 5 -Train from Paris to Nice

Monday, 9th June 2014 – Day 5 – Train from Paris to Nice

Wakeup call at 6.30 for taxi at 6.55 for the Paris railway station.  Found platform 15 and carriage 8, seat 81.  Departed at 7.45.  We went via Lyon, Marseilles and Blamcombe at 11.00.  We went off the fast track for several kilometres as vandals had cut the electricity wires for the copper that they sold.

The countryside was lovely –  fields of lavender and vineyards – and as we climbed higher and travelled along the coastline through Toulon, Cannes and Antibes until we arrived at Nice the views of the ocean were spectacular. There were many swimmers.

I caught a taxi to my accommodation at the Little Palace.  Had a wander up to the restaurant area and had a pasta dish and a couple of beers as it was still quite warm. Met an Irish couple with their little baby.  It is amazing just how many people have dogs and they allowed in the restaurants.  Headed back to the hotel to retire after a very pleasant relaxing ride in the train.

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