Tuesday 29 July & Wednesday 30 July 2014 – Days 55 & 56 – Travelling from London to Home

Tuesday 29 July and Wednesday 30 July 2014 – Days 55 & 56 – Travelling from London to Home

I got up at 4.00 am and freshened up and then went and got in the line to book my case through to Perth.  Weighed 29 kgs so pleased to see it go.   I filled in time having breakfast until it was time to board my Flight on Emirates 8.  We were due to leave at 8.40 am but we were delayed for about half an hour.  It was a good flight (about 7 hrs) and we arrived in Dubai at 6.45pm.  Had about a 3 hour wait until it was time to board Flight Emirates 422 due to depart at 9.45 pm.  This is the dreaded 10 hour flight.  I sat with a Malcolm and Valerie so that helped pass some of the time and I did manage to get some sleep on this leg.  I was physically exhausted as really no proper sleep since Saturday.  Catnaps since then so was good to sleep.

Now Wednesday with all the time changes.  We arrived in Perth about 12.30 pm.  Said goodbye to Malcolm and Valerie  and then it was time to collect my luggage and go through Customs.  Was very easy.  Boarded the Connect bus from the International airport and it was about a 9-10 Kms.  I thought we were being driven to Canberra!  Once at the domestic terminal I booked my case through to Canberra.  Went through security and then was called aside for a bomb scan.  Onto Gate 7 to wait for the boarding call for my Flight on QF5718 at 4.30 pm local time.  This leg was only 3 hrs 15.  I was now homeward bound.  Arrived in Canberra at 9.50 about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  I collected my luggage just as Peter arrived to take me home.

This was an amazing trip although it ended on a sad note.  I decided to extend my stay to attend the funeral of David’s dad so cancelled my tours I had planned to do in Perth.

I cannot say what is THE HIGHLIGHT  of my trip as I saw so many amazing places.  I loved the parts of Paris I saw, visiting Nice and Monaco was great.  I so much loved being in Poland.  Then being in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland was so enjoyable.  I visited so many wonderful churches and castles  and cannot say what my favourite is as each one was wonderful in their own right.  I travelled through such diverse countryside – mountains, lochs, barren land, green pastures and saw many sheep and cows.  I loved the flora and fauna and the green countryside. I was so lucky with the weather as only had a couple of rainy days but did not stop my activities. Going down the Salt mines and the copper mine was unbelievable.  The one tour I did was to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau and this has left me with extreme chilling emotions.  Very hard to explain. At first, I did not think I could continue, but did out of respect for the millions that perished. On completion of the tour, I thanked God that I was alive. On the other various tours I took were great and was given so much information and met some very nice folk.  All I can say in closing is that it will be hard to settle back to reality but I have my many booklets to read so I will “go on” this terrific adventure over and over again.

I thank the pilots, taxi drivers and coach drivers for getting me to my destinations safely.

Just a wonderful, wonderful trip!!!!!

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