Tuesday, 28 July, 2015 – Day 3 -Travel from London – Dover – Calais – Amsterdam, The Netherlands- (Day 49)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 – Day 3 – Travel from London – Dover – Calais – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (250 miles/400 Kms) – (Day 49)

Early wake up call at 6.15, as had to have case outside door by 6.30.  Down to a very light breakfast as feel as though that is all I have been doing – eating.  We boarded the coach driven by Luigi from Milan and met our tour guide, Britt from Amsterdam at 7.45 and left at 8.00 to pick up other passengers from a couple of other hotels. Finally we were on our way at 8.30-40.  The traffic was quite slow as workers were around.  We passed Harrods, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben etc. Crossed over the River Thames and we were on our way to Dover.

After leaving the centre of London, we had a good run down to Dover  and arrived about 11.15.  We all got off the coach and had to present our passports. Our ferry did not leave until 12.30ish. Was quite a rough passage and it was blowing a hefty gale out on the upper deck. Was frightened my IPad was going to blow out of my hand.


It was magnificent seeing The White Cliffs of Dover from another view as I was up on the cliffs in the second week of my travels looking down into the Port of Dover.

We arrived in Calais, France after almost 3 hours and we then boarded the coach once more.  We set off and saw lots of farmland, cows, horses, windfarms and fields of corn. The countryside was quite flat. At about 5.00ish we crossed into the Belgium.  We passed near Brugge.  The countryside now changed into lovely green pastures and saw some lakes. At times the windmills were quite close to the road.


We arrived in Amsterdam. Amsterdam  is the capital city with a population of approximately 17 million and 18 million bicycles. 

Famous Amsterdam residents included Anne Frank, the diarist, the artist Vincent van Gogh, artist and the philosopher Baruch Spinoza.   Its red-light district, and its many cannabis coffee coffee shops draw more than 5 million international visitors annually.

We booked into our accommodation at the Holiday Inn Express Arena Towers. After dinner, it was off to bed for a reasonably early night. Today we were actually in four countries – United Kingdom (Dover), France (Calais), Belgium (near Brugge) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).  Amazing how this is so accessible –  In Australia, one can hardly move from one state to another in one day unless of course, you are near the borders of two states.


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