Wednesday, 31 October 2018 – Kota Kinabalu – Day 2

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 – Kota Kinabalu – Day 2

After breakfast, we went by our coach to the Marina Jetty to catch a ferry to Manukan Island. After a short walk, we came to our designated huts. It was lovely just relaxing before I decided to put my feet in the water but the current was very strong and ripped my flip flops off. Fortunately, they were retrieved. Knew why we were warned not to go swimming in this area because of the strong rip. It was interesting watching a couple of Japanese girls in their high heels walking into the water to have about 5,000 – ha ha – photos taken. Lucky they did not get swept out because of the current. Some of the group walked further along to go swimming and snorkelling. After a super buffet lunch we headed back to the jetty to get the ferry back to the mainland.

We were then driven to the Mari Mari Cultural Village (MMCV). The village operates as a museum that preserves Borneo’s ethnic cultures, which features five different ethnic tribes in one village – including the rice farmers, longhouse residents, the hunters and fisherman, the cowboy and sea gypsies and the famously feared head-hunting tribe. Because of the difficult terrain, I stayed behind and was entertained by a lovely group of volunteers.

After the MMCV, we were then driven to the Sri Melaka Restaurant for another super meal and then it was back to the hotel for an evening of leisure and then it was off to bed. Another great full day. 













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