Wednesday, 7th and Friday 9th November 2018 – Borneo to Melbourne then home – Days 9 & 10

Wednesday, 7th and Friday 9th  November 2018 – Borneo to Melbourne then home – Days 9 and 10.

After breakfast, we did our last pack before we were taken to the Sandakan Airport.  We had a little time to spare so looked at some information on the Pangalin. Pangolins as a genus are among the most heavily poached and exploited protected animals. Like other pangolin species, the Sunda pangolin is hunted for its skin, scales, and meat, used in clothing manufacture and traditional medicine. Scales are made into rings as charms against rheumatic fever, and meat is eaten by indigenous peoples. Despite enjoying protected status almost everywhere in its range, illegal international trade, largely driven by Chinese buyers, has led to rapidly decreasing population numbers. The Sunda pangolin is currently considered to be critally endangered.  We watched a huge amount of produce on a trolley heading into the plane to be loaded on.

We caught our Flight MH2711 from Sandakan to Kuala Lumpur. (Seat 9A) leaving at 1355.  It was funny, as Christine was designated a window seat, but she couldn’t see out as it was blocked in so I had to give her a commentary of where we were.  She probably would have changed had it been a long flight.

 As our flight didn’t leave Kuala Lumpur until 2150 we spent time in the lovely airport lounge where we could have as much as you required to eat and drink – complimentary.  Nice and relaxing before it was time to then pass through Security once more and onto Flight MH0149 leaving at 2150 (Seat 32A).

The configuration was 2x4x2. Christine and I had window seats – behind each other.  After the seat belt signs went off, the passenger next to me and Christine both moved to other seats so this meant we were both able to stretch out allowing us to get some sleep.  The flight was very smooth and we arrived in Melbourne at approximately 8.45 Thursday 8th November having travelled a distance of 3951 miles.   We caught a taxi to our accommodation at the Mantra on the Park.   After we settled into our room we had lunch at the adjoining restaurant.  We had a “fashion parade” of the people who had been to the Oaks Day at the Melbourne Races.  Christine went and did some more shopping and then it was dinner time so we just ate at the same restaurant as lunch as the food was enjoyable.

So that was the end of several pack filled days of our trip to Borneo.  It was fun watching Christine trying to sort out her luggage as she had made some extra bits of shopping and she had trouble packing and repacking her goodies.  We finally went to bed after talking about our fabulous interesting trip to Borneo.

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